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KinkyAg's Spanking Stories
Embellished truth makes the best fiction.
Alex and Joey: The Lost Weekend, part 2 
29th-Dec-2010 01:44 pm
Alex and Joey: The Lost Weekend
Part 2--Late Friday night

Joey was trying to sleep on his tummy, an unnatural position for him. He usually slept on his back, but his ass really hurt from Drew's belt whipping.  He also compensated by dispensing with his briefs. He had gone to bed in the nude. He wondered if his upturned bottom was heating the room on the cold winter night.


Alex tiptoed across the upstairs hallway, not wanting to disturb her siblings-to-be in the adjacent rooms.  Drew and Michelle slept in the master bedroom beneath Alex, so she wasn’t worried about awaking them, but those old floorboards did creak.


A little oil can maintenance applied to the hinges of Joey’s door a few weeks ago had alleviated any problems with unwanted noise, as she effortlessly slipped in, closed the door, and knelt by his bed.


“I’m sorry I laughed at you,” she apologized sincerely.  As her eyes adjusted, she saw the silhouette of Joey’s naked ass, and she couldn’t help but reach out and rub it.


“You’re forgiven, you little brat,” Joey sighed.  “Damn that feels good,” he added, “but hey, we’re supposed to become brother and sister Monday, so don’t turn me on.  Those hanky-panky days are in the past.”


“I sure liked it, the few times we did it,” Alex mussed.



“Yeah, me too.  I really loved you and wanted to marry you one day.  I wanted to have hot sex with you every day when I’d come home from work,” he admitted with an unmistakable degree of regret, “and spank your naughty little ass like Dad does to Michelle from time to time.”  The kids suspected Michelle got occasional swats, love taps during sex and sometimes more serious discipline, from Drew as part of their marriage covenant.


“Yeah, it would have been a cold day in hell, Montana style, before you’d ever spank me, you little dweeb,” Alex mocked.  Then she followed up her admonition with a sharp open-handed smack to Joey’s already wounded ass.


“Ouch, that really hurts!” Joey whispered loudly, trying to limit the amount of noise emanating from his room in the middle of the night.


“I didn’t come in here to punish you,” Alex said, as she began to rub Joey’s bottom more sensuously, sliding her fingernails between the crack of this butt cheeks and then reaching down between his legs to toy with his scrotum.


Then, on her knees at the side of his bed, she drew her lips near to Joey’s head and began nibbling on his ears.  “Hey, stop that,” he warned.  You’re getting me horny.”


“I already am,” Alex ventured boldly. She could feel the wetness down there.


“Well, we can’t,” admonished her brother-to-be.  “Monday afternoon we’ll be in court and you’ll become Michelle’s child and I’ll be adopted into the family.  We can’t have sex anymore!”


He spoke with regret.  Already, Alex’s advances had resulted in a hard, turgid boner. He wanted to use it so badly.


“Yeah, well we’re not brother and sister yet, so how about one more time, for our memories?” Alex pleaded.  “This will be our last chance.  We’ll make it a good one!”


Joey was truly conflicted. Alex took his silence as acquiescence, as she quickly let her nightgown drop to the floor.  Joey looked over and saw the outline of her perky boobs in the ambient light. Her fully erect nipples beckoned him. All she had on was a skimpy pair of panties. He turned over, sat up on his sore bottom, and then stood.


In the middle of the floor, two 16-year-olds embraced. Joey reveled at the feel of her hot breath on his face, as he reached down and put his hands inside her panties, expanding the waistband, and slipping them downward below her hips. They fell to her feet.  Then, as Joey clinching her buttocks and Alex wrapping her arms around his waist, the couple drew each other together into one being.


Joey could feel the strong heartbeat between Alex’s two perfectly formed breasts.  One hand rose upward between the crack of her ass cheeks.  He continued to slide his neatly trimmed fingernails up the chain of individual vertebrae that joined together as her spine. With the other hand, he reached up and gently massaged a boob. His mouth dropped to her shoulder and he proceeded to nibble on her neck.  His pressed his uncircumcised penis, erect like shoot of bamboo, against her abdomen. He dropped his hand from her breast and probed downward to finger her copious wetness.  Alex didn’t have much of a bush; Joey guessed she trimmed her pubic hair.


Alex just squeezed harder and let herself be taken.  Pushy and dominating as ever in day-to-day life, she just loved submitting to his romantic advances.  This was a golden moment.  Did she really want Joey to became her brother? She tried to quash the thought, preferring to revel in momentary bliss.


Then Joey dropped to his knees: “Hey, the kids at school say it really isn’t sex if it’s just oral.”


“Oh, bullshit,” she giggled, being careful not to be too loud.  They liked to joke that the most sexually active kids on campus met each morning before school for Bible study.  “They say they’re still virgins if all they do is give blowjobs and eat pussy.  I wonder if that’s in the Old or New Testament.”


Joey had to bury his face in her abdomen to keep from laughing aloud.


“Would you?” Alex asked.


“Sure, of course, but I don’t know what I’m doing,” Joey said sheepishly, half with mirth and half with embarrassment.  “I’m not exactly experienced in going down on a girl.”


“I’ll help you,” Alex assured, as she lay down on Joey’s bed, a pillow under her head, and boldly put both legs atop a kneeling Joey’s shoulders, bending her knees and hooking her bare feet together behind his back—pinning his head in position to service her.


Alex had been masturbating frequently for a couple of years, and she knew exactly what she wanted Joey to do, but she thought it might be fun to just let him experiment for a while.


“Just go ahead, explore a little bit, and I’ll tell you what to do later,” she encouraged.


Joey had smelled her sexual excitement before, a rather musky odor, and he was a bit scared that he’d be repelled and she’d sense it.  But this time it was different.  As the moisture of his tongue contacted the wetness of her vulva, it tasted sweet.  The slight scent of her arousal wasn’t objectionable at all.


Ever so gently he ran his tongue up and down her labia, trying at times to part the pussy lips, and at other times just to enjoy their softness. 


He must have been right about her trimming her pubes; the short hairs didn’t get in the way at all.


Alex couldn’t believe how good it felt.  She alternately stuck the thumb and forefinger of each hand into her mouth, wet them with saliva, and then—as Joey licked her pussy—she massaged her nipples.  She had tried this while masturbating, with one hand on her clitoris and one on her breasts, but this was the best it had ever felt.


After about five minutes, Joey paused.  “When I jerk off, it’s the head of my dick that is the most tender,” he said.  “Is there a place on your pussy where you’re the most sensitive.”


“You little dork,” Alex taunted gently and lovingly, “you really don’t know much, do you?”  They both laughed quietly.  “Yeah,” Joey replied, “most of my sex has been with Five-Finger Molly.”


Alex just loved Joey’s self-deprecating humor; he didn’t mind confessing his weaknesses or ignorance.  Did she really want to lose him as a potential life’s partner? Would she ever find another Joey, anywhere?


Forcing that out of her thoughts, she reached out and gently took his right hand.  She guided his finger up the channel of her vulva.  “Now, right here at the top, above the opening . . . there, that’s it.  The doctor calls it my clitoris.  But you can call it my button.  Just put your finger here, and then try your tongue.”


Joey then commenced to literally push her most sensitive button.  “Hey, it’s erect,” he exclaimed.  “Damn, girls have a miniature penis inside them!”


“Hey, dweeb, you want me to beat that tender ass of yours?” she chided with mock indignation.


But Joey paid no attention to her caustic comment.  He was busy working on her clitoris with his tongue, trying to figure out the best strategy to make her feel good.  Periodically, he’d lift his tongue, take it down to the bottom of her vulva, then slide his tongue up again between the her lips, and then set about trying to flick her clit with his tongue again. 


Then he decided to insert an index finger into her vagina and simulate a thrusting penis while working on the “button” with his tongue.

Alex was in heaven.  It had never felt this good, not while screwing, not while jerking off.  As more blood rushed to her abdomen and her breasts, she began secreting more vaginal lubrication. Joey’s face became drenched and he loved it.


Alex’s breathing increased.  So did her heartbeat.  The lower part of her vagina contracted as if to guide a penis into an imaginary upper channel closer to her clit.  Tension progressively built in her buttocks, thighs, pelvis, and uterus.


Then it happened—an explosive series of muscular contractions and relaxations several tenths of a second apart—maybe five of them, maybe ten, maybe fifteen.  A gun could have gone off and she wouldn’t have noticed. She certainly couldn’t have counted them.


It was the best orgasm she had ever had.  God it was good! 


Joey sensed what was happening and held steady in what he was doing.  However inexperienced he was, he knew he must have been doing something right.


“Come here,” Alex beckoned Joey.  “Lie down beside me.  Hold me.  After a girl comes, she needs to come down, so hold me, Joey.  Hold me tight.


“Hold me close, Joey.”

To be continued . . .
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